January 2021 at the Welsh Museum

It is cold and dreary in southern Ohio and nothing going on at the little Welsh Museum. We are having problems with the water meter so the water is shut off until repairs can be done. In a building that is over 150 years old, she is in pretty good shape.

We have a committee working on some improvements we will need to make to the building in the future, and we will prioritize what needs done first. We need an updated HVAC system and electrical system upgrade to support it. Our restrooms are not meeting handicapped codes and the original windows need work with sun control and protection installed. But the good news is the building itself, on the Ohio Historic Preservation Register, is stalwart.

We know we will not be able to hold our annual St. David’s celebration, but hope by late September we can hold the annual Gymanfa at the Welsh Museum.

Wishing all you readers good health and stay safe!

Welsh Museum Closing

It is the time of the year we usually closed the museum to the public and this year we feel it is best to do so due to the covid spread. We are using the winter months to evaluate the repairs/updates we need to make to the building and look forward to reopening in the spring. This certainly has been a different year, but we still had a good number of visitors come through.

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